Just a pair of shoes??

Just a pair of shoes??

As a Groom, many of your decisions tend to be focused on making your bride feel as relaxed and reassured as possible. However, this month’s blog-post is looking at an important, but oft overlooked item in the Groom’s itinerary, shoes. Although your feet will be the last thing you’ll be thinking of on the big day, its something you want to select, and then forget about. So, here are 5 things to consider:

Comfort: Obvious, but hugely important. The last thing you need is for a load of blisters when the day is only halfway done. Imagine trying to dance til the wee hours when your feet feel like someone’s jabbing then with a rusty nail!!

Wear them in: Closely linked to point 1. You have to be confident that you’ve picked a pair of shoes that are comfortable to be worn for long hours. You’ll be in them for around 13-15 hours (that’s if you’ve picked a late morning/mid-day ceremony). Break them in round the house, wear them when you’re sat in front of the tele, just get them on and wear them. Believe me, this will pay dividends come your special day.

Colour: What do you go for? An ultra-fashionable bright, bold colour that screams 2017, or a classic, timeless black pair that will not only look unassuming and un-noticed on the day, but can be worn for years to come? Only you can decide that, but bear in mind that the photos of the wedding will last a lifetime, shoes may only be worn on the day…

Style: With men paying more attention to their style, designers have responded, so now you see a multitude of styles when you walk through your local department store. And the same decisions need to be made, do you go for a classic pair of leather brogues, or a more elaborately designed fashion statement containing 8 different colours and 14 differing materials?

Suit: Goes without saying, but what colour suit have you chosen? If you’ve gone for a modern slim-cut blue suit, then a pair of brown leather winkle-pickers will look great. But if you’ve gone for the traditional morning suit, then the brown just won’t do.

Like every decision that needs to made for a wedding, careful consideration and personal choices will be the deciding factor, but hopefully this post will give you a few things to think about.

Good luck!

An engagement shoot?  Yes please!

An engagement shoot?  Yes please!

One of the current trends in wedding photography is an engagement shoot. Now, these may seem like a bit of a waste of time for us gents, but hold on, there may be more to this than meets the eye. When I was getting married, this was something I wasn’t too fussed about, as it seemed like just another afternoon consumed by wedding activity. However, it turned out to be a great idea, and a very valuable experience. And here’s why:

  1. Comfort.
    Here’s a common scenario. On your big day, it’s that time, after the ceremony, where you all get together for the photos of the family and friends. You get close to your new wife, look at the camera, and pull the most unconvincing smile ever as you feel totally uncomfortable.  Imagine if there was a way to meet and spend a few hours with the photographer before the wedding day, get to know them a little and get used to standing in front of the camera….
  2. Relaxation.
    The engagement and lead up to a wedding can be a bit of a blur to some. There’s so much to sort, so many things to plan and arrange, that a lot of the time your head is all over the place. An engagement shoot gives you chance to slow down, and actually spend some quality time with your partner, away from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning (at least for an afternoon).
  3. Ideas.
    On an engagement shoot, there’s no time pressure for the perfect photo, so you can experiment. Bounce ideas off the photographer. You always wanted that photo of you and your wife stood on the top of Ben Nevis? Well, now’s the time to find out if its feasible. Even your most elaborate plans may be possible, so discuss it now while you have the photographer’s full, undivided attention.
  4. Photos.
    Obvious, right? But hang on, look around your house. How many photos do you actually have of you and your beautiful fiancée that aren’t selfies or holiday snaps? An engagement shoot is a perfect time to get some professional photos to fill a few picture frames for that gap on the living room wall.
  5. Comfort.
    I know this has already been mentioned, but it is so important. You want your wedding photos to look perfect, a set of images to capture the emotion and joy of the day. This isn’t possible if you look like you’re stood in a pair of wet underpants. In order to get those amazing shots, you have to appear comfortable and natural in front of the lens. And the only way to do it is to get used to being in the centre of the camera viewfinder.

There are other reasons why an engagement shoot can be beneficial to the groom, but I think the above are reasons enough to consider the possibilities of how a professional photo shoot before the big day can help to make you, and your intended, much more comfortable and relaxed when the time comes to capture those perfect wedding memories on film.

Why you need a Professional Wedding Photographer… A Groom’s View

Why you need a Professional Wedding Photographer… A Groom’s View

5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer

Playing second fiddle on the big day is fairly normal for the groom, and lets be honest, virtually all of the attention will be lavished onto the bride. And rightly so! But as the groom, you still have a huge part to play in the proceedings. And believe me, you won’t have much time to relax!  There’ll be guests to meet, family members to chat to, making sure everyone has a drink. and is having a great time. Basically, you’re the compere for the day. Any little thing that’ll make the day easier for you is a good thing, right? And that’s where having a professional photographer can make a big difference. Here’s 5 reasons why:


Sounds self-explanatory, but let me paint you a picture… You ask your guests/brother/Uncle Fred with his fancy camera to take the photos of the big day. Six months after the wedding you finally get the pictures back from the online printing lab, having waited five months for Uncle Fred to actually download the pictures from his camera. You sit down excitedly with your wife, rip open the packaging, and dive in. Half the photos are blurred/over-exposed/wrong angle/missed the key events. The other half are okay, but you can’t help feeling that with a bit more preparation they could have been amazing. You turn to your wife, and she’s crying, devastated that the only chance to capture the most incredible day of her life has been missed.  She’ll never get that chance again… A risk worth taking?


These can fade fast, and as a groom, you’ll spend so much time running around that the day will pass so quickly, it’ll be over in a flash (pun intended!). The photos are one of the few physical products that will remain from the day. The dress/shoes/jewellery etc. will be packed away safely, rarely to be seen again. But the photos, they’ll be displayed on the wall, in an album if you choose to have one, and probably at your parents houses as well. Surely you’ll want these to be the best quality possible?

Subject matter

We’ve all had the thought ‘I don’t need a proper photographer, I’ll just dish out a few cheapo cameras to the guests.  They can take the pics’ instead. And in principle it sounds good. However, as we all know, weddings are one of the few occasions where drinking alcohol is encouraged, nay, expected to happen. So after a few of France’s finest bubbly, the photos will become more and more shaky, and the subject matter will turn from out-of-focus shots of the bride, to a shoe/finger covering the lens/something unrepeatable…


Weddings can be a rather large and confusing affair to us chaps, but it’s the little details that we tend to overlook that can make a big difference. For example, the back of the wedding dress can have an elaborate design, a real show stopper. But would you or Uncle Fred know to make sure there are photos of this? And what about when you or your wonderful new wife are posing for photos after the ceremony. Who would notice that if you just dropped your arm by 10cm, and opened your hips very slightly, that the balance of the photo would look so much better? Its little things like that which make the difference between a good photo, and picture worthy of mantelpiece space.


Imagine this… You invite all your special friends and family to a once in a lifetime event. You want everyone to come, let their hair down, and have a great time. But as part of the deal, you want them to take the photos that capture the day? Would you want that pressure, knowing that if you forgot to use the auto-focus, or run out of memory space as you took far too many pictures of that rabbit that ran into the hotel reception, that the wedded couple don’t have the photos they so desperately want?


Not only does a professional photographer know which angle at which location works best.  They know which way to point the camera (i.e. that sunset may look amazing, but will you and your wife be in darkness without a flash?).  Also the photographer may get into places a normal guest can’t. Would you want Uncle Fred in the bridal room whilst your future wife and bridesmaids are getting ready?  Thought not!

Hang on, I said five reasons, not six! But weddings can be very much like this blog post, they don’t always go perfectly to plan. However, with a professional on your side, they can advise and help, and keep a cool head throughout the drama.

Believe me, having a professional in your corner on the day can make the difference between good, and perfect.