Autumn Family Mini Photoshoot

Sunday, 5th November 2023

What Are family mini sessions?

A mini session is exactly that – a shorter version of a full photography session.  Just thirty minutes of fun in front of the camera.

Mini sessions are usually one-off events organised as a full day with multiple time slots at one location.

Family mini sessions are different from Micro sessions in that they include the whole family and not just your kids.

Is an Autumn Family Mini Session For Us?

Here are some of the reasons to book an autumn family mini session.

1. Beautiful Autumn Portraiture with all family members in the frame (including you Mum!)

2. Time is precious.  A short time frame of just 30 minutes makes a mini session easy to fit into your busy lives.

3. Mini sessions are a cost effective way to update the family album when you don’t need or want a full shoot.

4. It’s  a great way to try out family portraiture when you’re not sure a full photography session is for you.

5. The short time span means we’re over and done before your little ones have a chance to get bored or tired and cranky.

6. Sessions are designed to be fun so you make some lovely memories together.  I mean, who doesn’t love play time filled with love, laughter and Eskimo kisses?

 What’s Included in Your Family Mini session?

For a session fee of £50 you receive:

A photo-shoot covering one immediate family group*

30 minutes of photography

Viewing of your images via Radiance Photography’s online gallery delivery system

£50 print credit to spend on digital downloads, individual prints or a print package (digital images are included in some packages) in my shop

*An immediate family group includes parents (or grandparents) and children.  For an extended family group I’d recommend an hour long family session.  Please get in touch here.

Packages and Pricing

Print Package 1


Four  7″ x 5″

Four 9″ x 6″

Two 12″ x 8″

Saving £50

Print Package 2


Four  7″ x 5″

Six 9″ x 6″

Four 12″ x 8″

Two 18″ x 12″

Saving over £100

!Most Popular!

Print Package 3


All digital images

Four  7″ x 5″

Six 9″ x 6″

Four 12″ x 8″

Two 18″ x 12″

Saving a minimum £300

Individual Prints

7″ x 5″          £10

9″ x 6″          £15

12″ x 8″       £25

18″ x 12″    £45

24″ x 12″    £90

Digital Downloads

10 Images £200

20 Images £300

30 Images £400

40 Images £500

How do I Book My Autumn Family Mini Session?

To book, select your preferred time and complete the enquiry form below.  Your booking paperwork will be emailed for you to complete and return together with a link for payment.

If your preferred time has already been booked you will be contacted with alternatives.

Please note: Booking is on a first come, first served basis and is not confirmed until both your contract and payment have been received. Session fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Package Option (If you're not sure what you'd like at the moment please opt for Photography Session Only)
Session Time - Sunday, 5th November 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the day?

We’ll meet at the designated place (which can be found in your booking confirmation) and after a short walk to your shoot location we’ll begin your photos.  I’ll give you plenty of guidance on what you need to do.  This generally involves close contact with your family, lots of hugs, giggles and kisses.

What shall we wear?

The short answer is wear what is comfortable. However, in all honesty, I could write an entire blog just on this topic!  Good pointers include trying to avoid any sport strips (i.e. football shirts) or anything with large logos.  Avoid large blocks of black if possible.  Classic items in neutral colours work best and I’d always advise layers that can be removed if it gets hot.

As you’ll be having mostly group shots you’ll achieve more harmonious images if everyone is wearing tonal colours rather than all the same.  Mix things up with textures and small patterns and add in a pop of a contrasting colour. 

Try to ensure everyone is dressed in a similar style ie. Everyone casual or everyone smart – consistency is key here.

Please ensure you bring outdoor coats, hats, scarfs, gloves and footwear appropriate for the weather and location as photo sessions will go ahead in light rain.

Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved dogs, on leads, are welcome to join us on photoshoots.  Your dog must be able to follow the commands sit and stay.

Whilst I try to avoid it, occasionally we may be going into areas where there are livestock so you will need to ensure you have a lead with you.  Obviously, it goes without saying, poop bags are a must.

Please note: Dogs without leads will be refused.

What if the weather is terrible?

A light drizzle will not stop your photo-shoot from going ahead. 

Sessions will not be cancelled unless there are high winds, thunderstorms or heavy rain.   In this eventually I will contact you on the day of your shoot to rearrange.

I'm just coming along to watch, Can I take my own pictures?

Sorry, no.  The use of cameras / mobile phones / other recording equipment are not allowed during your session.

How do I View my images?

Your secure gallery will be available for viewing via an online image delivery system.

Once your gallery is ready, I’ll drop you an email with the link.  To select the images included in your package and any others you’d like simply favourite them.  Once you’ve completed your selection I will make them available for download.

Please note, your gallery will expire two weeks after being posted, all downloads and images must have been selected and/or purchased before expiry.

I'm worried I don't look good in photos

Worrying about having your photos taken is really common.  A lot of the time we see images of ourselves from angles that we’re not used to seeing and it makes us feel uncomfortable as we judge ourselves against the ideals of beauty we’re bombarded with in the media.  Please try to look beyond this (easier said than done) to the relationships, interactions and love in your images.  These are what’s really important.

Please rest assured that I work hard to ensure my images are as natural, relaxed and flattering as possible.

What if my children don't behave?

 My goal is to keep each session relaxed and allow space for children to be themselves. 

Whilst I aim to give you an image where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera sometimes this just isn’t possible.  It’s not something to stress over as my style is more natural images where you are looking at and interacting with each other rather than the camera.  That said, none of us like to be photographed when we are not feeling our best and this is the same for children who are out of sorts.  If this is the case, I’ll make a decision on the day to offer one reschedule* if a limited number of images have been taken, although with a session length of just thirty minutes it is unlikely this will be needed.  

*Please note rescheduled sessions may not be at the same location or time and are at Radiance Photography’s discretion.

How can I use our images?

Your images are for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Images are edited to reflect my art and as such re-editing / use of filters to alter your photographs is not permitted.

Help, we're running late for our session

I appreciate life with small children rarely goes to plan.  Unfortunatly, due to the nature of a mini shoot day there are a number of appointments in quick succession.  This means that if there is more than a ten minute delay to the start of your session it will not be possible to go ahead due to the impact on later clients.  Your session fee will be forfeit.

Portrait Gallery

The loving family all pose together during our North East lifestyle portrait engagement photography shoot at Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham
Hands in his mouth, the little boy pulls a funny face while mummy holds him safe and tight during our North East lifestyle portrait engagement photography shoot at Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham
The loving couple pose in front of the castle during our North East lifestyle portrait engagement photography shoot at Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham

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