10 Awesome Reasons to Say 'I Do' in Autumn

Falling for Love: 10 Reasons to say 'I Do' in Autumn

Newly weds share a kiss amongst the autumn foliage

Alright, lovebirds, buckle up! We’re about to embark on a journey through the riotous beauty and charming chaos of autumn weddings. As a wedding photographer who’s seen it all, I’m here to spill the beans on why tying the knot amidst the falling leaves might just be the best decision you ever make—besides choosing each other, of course. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and let’s dive into 10 awesome reasons why autumn weddings are the bee’s knees.


  1. Nature’s Color Explosion

Ladies, gents and everyone, put on your sunglasses!  We’re talking about a color palette that could make even Picasso jealous.  Autumn serves up a dizzying array of reds, oranges, and yellows that put your crazy tie-dye phase to shame. Imagine a wedding photo where you and your partner pop like a pair of movie stars against the backdrop of a tree straight out of a Van Gogh painting. Talk about stealing the spotlight, am I right?

  1. Bye-Bye Sweaty Chaos

Summer weddings?  Let’s just say you’re basically starring in your own episode of “Survivor: Wedding Edition” where heat and humidity are your ultimate challenges.  Enter autumn with its cool breeze and heavenly temperatures.  You and your guests can finally dance the night away without wondering if you’re melting like the wicked witch of the West. Sayonara, sweat stains!

  1. The Soft Glow Conspiracy

Let’s talk about that golden hour glow—autumn edition.  You see, nature’s decided to gift you a built-in Instagram filter.  That gentle sun?  It’s like Mother Nature hired a personal lighting crew just for your wedding day.  Your photographer will have a field day capturing you both looking like a couple of ethereal creatures from a romantic comedy.  Cue the dreamy sighs.

Newly weds standing outside church on an autumn day
  1. Cuddle Weather Vibes

Autumn is like nature’s way of saying, “It’s time to get cozy, folks!”  With the chill in the air, your guests will be drawn together like magnets.  And you know what that means—epic group hugs!  The closeness and camaraderie will have you feeling like you’re at the world’s most heartwarming family reunion.  Who knew weather could be the ultimate matchmaker?

  1. Fashionably Fall-tastic

Hello, stylish outfits!  Autumn weddings practically come with a free pass to rock those chic layers you’ve been eyeing.  Think flowing capes, velvet jackets, and dresses that make you feel like a woodland princess.  The fashion game is strong, and trust me, your wedding album will look like it’s straight out of a high-fashion magazine.

  1. Nature’s Decor Galore

Why spend a fortune on decorations when Mother Nature’s your BFF?  Pumpkins, leaves, pine cones—she’s got your back.  Embrace the seasonal goodness and turn your venue into an autumn wonderland.  It’s like the universe itself is throwing confetti to celebrate your love.  Your photographer will be clicking away, capturing the DIY magic.

  1. Picture-Perfect Venues

Autumn transforms your venue into a slice of paradise.  Rustic barns look like they stepped out of a fairy tale, and country houses are like something you’d see on a movie set.  Gardens?  Well, they basically put on their Sunday best with a coat of vibrant foliage.  Your photographer won’t be able to resist turning these settings into stunning storyboards.

  1. Foodie Heaven

Listen up, foodies, because autumn’s got your taste buds covered.  Spiced apple cider, pumpkin pie, comfort foods that hug your soul—it’s a culinary adventure waiting to happen.  Your wedding photographer might just have to resist the urge to snap a pic every time someone takes a bite.  Food coma, anyone?

Bride admiring her autumnal bouquet
Bold autumnal wedding bouquet full of reds, oranges and yellows mixed with green foliage
  1. Leaves of Love

Autumn is like the season’s way of telling you, “Change is good, pal!”  The leaves transition from green to shades that make your hair dye collection jealous before they gently float to the ground.  It’s the ultimate metaphor for love’s journey—ever-changing, always beautiful.  And yes, your wedding photographer will definitely capture you twirling in the midst of this poetic chaos.

  1. Vendor Goldmine

Guess what, savvy couples?  Autumn is like the hidden treasure of wedding seasons.  Fewer couples mean you can book the best vendors without resorting to Jedi mind tricks.  That dream photographer?  Yours.  That florist with the magic touch?  Locked and loaded.  It’s like wedding planning on easy mode, and your photographer can’t wait to be part of your superstar team.

One Final Note

With a year to go until next autumn there is still plenty of time to book for next year so what are you waiting for?  Head over to my weddings page to check out my packages and prices or hit contact me to check if your date is available.

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