Recently, we had our logo for Radiance Photography redesigned by the fabulous Jili Allen (and very pleased we are too) however I came across a problem that made me think back to our own wedding and I’d like to share it with you.

Maybe you feel the same or have the same difficulties as me and that is… colour.

I know what you’re thinking. How hard can it be to choose a colour scheme for your wedding? Well, in my case, very. I’m like a kid in a sweetshop when it comes to colour. All those sumptuous shades, endless combinations and well, just too much choice!

Now bear with me, I’m making a big assumption here, I’m guessing that you’ve come to this post because, like me, you’ve lost countless hours of planning time and sleep worrying about your wedding colour scheme. I mean, it affects everything and without my colours I was unable to move forward. I couldn’t order my bridesmaid dresses, flowers, finalise stationery, the list goes on and the stress was huge. I wanted my wedding to be stylish and perfect. I’m sure you can attest to that too.

So, I thought I’d share five methods I used to cut through colour inspiration overload:

  1. Consider you venue – are there any colours that would look awful in your chosen venue? Now this might not seem very helpful, but think of it this way, by eliminating colours you are narrowing down the ones you can choose from whilst ensuring your scheme will look great in your venue.
  2. Your bridesmaids – no doubt they are all different (but beautiful) shapes and sizes and likewise they will all have different skin tones and hair colours. Questions to ask yourself might be:
    • Are there any colours that would make your besties look hideous? (Trust me, no girl wants to wear a colour that doesn’t suit them, even if she smiles sweetly and tells you it’s your special day. Secondly, are they getting married after you? Revenge is sweet or so they say!)
    • Are there any colours/tones that would look great on all your bridesmaids?
  3. Your florist – mine nearly fell off her chair when I showed her my final colour selection. It turned out that the deep berry shade I fell in love with was really difficult to source, with most of the best blooms being out of season for our autumn wedding. Your florist will be able to give you a good idea of what is available around the time of your wedding.
  4. Pinterest – now this might not seem an obvious choice when you’re suffering from inspiration overload but stick with me… Set up a board specifically for colour inspiration then pin lots of images with colours you absolutely love. Over time you should see your colour preferences becoming obvious and voila! Colour scheme selected.
  5. Adobe Colour CC – Now my final choice might seem a bit off the wall but the more scientific and technological amongst you might find this colour wheel tool fun to play with. For those of you whom colour wheels bring back nightmares of secondary school art, it might be useful to browse through other’s ideas to find inspiration of your own.

So, there you have it. My five recommendations. I’m sure you have plenty more. I’d be really interested to hear about your colour difficulties and how you overcame them. Just let me know in the comments below.