10 Awesome Reasons to Say ‘I Do’ in Autumn

10 Awesome Reasons to Say ‘I Do’ in Autumn

10 Awesome Reasons to Say 'I Do' in Autumn

Falling for Love: 10 Reasons to say 'I Do' in Autumn

Newly weds share a kiss amongst the autumn foliage

Alright, lovebirds, buckle up! We’re about to embark on a journey through the riotous beauty and charming chaos of autumn weddings. As a wedding photographer who’s seen it all, I’m here to spill the beans on why tying the knot amidst the falling leaves might just be the best decision you ever make—besides choosing each other, of course. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and let’s dive into 10 awesome reasons why autumn weddings are the bee’s knees.


  1. Nature’s Color Explosion

Ladies, gents and everyone, put on your sunglasses!  We’re talking about a color palette that could make even Picasso jealous.  Autumn serves up a dizzying array of reds, oranges, and yellows that put your crazy tie-dye phase to shame. Imagine a wedding photo where you and your partner pop like a pair of movie stars against the backdrop of a tree straight out of a Van Gogh painting. Talk about stealing the spotlight, am I right?

  1. Bye-Bye Sweaty Chaos

Summer weddings?  Let’s just say you’re basically starring in your own episode of “Survivor: Wedding Edition” where heat and humidity are your ultimate challenges.  Enter autumn with its cool breeze and heavenly temperatures.  You and your guests can finally dance the night away without wondering if you’re melting like the wicked witch of the West. Sayonara, sweat stains!

  1. The Soft Glow Conspiracy

Let’s talk about that golden hour glow—autumn edition.  You see, nature’s decided to gift you a built-in Instagram filter.  That gentle sun?  It’s like Mother Nature hired a personal lighting crew just for your wedding day.  Your photographer will have a field day capturing you both looking like a couple of ethereal creatures from a romantic comedy.  Cue the dreamy sighs.

Newly weds standing outside church on an autumn day
  1. Cuddle Weather Vibes

Autumn is like nature’s way of saying, “It’s time to get cozy, folks!”  With the chill in the air, your guests will be drawn together like magnets.  And you know what that means—epic group hugs!  The closeness and camaraderie will have you feeling like you’re at the world’s most heartwarming family reunion.  Who knew weather could be the ultimate matchmaker?

  1. Fashionably Fall-tastic

Hello, stylish outfits!  Autumn weddings practically come with a free pass to rock those chic layers you’ve been eyeing.  Think flowing capes, velvet jackets, and dresses that make you feel like a woodland princess.  The fashion game is strong, and trust me, your wedding album will look like it’s straight out of a high-fashion magazine.

  1. Nature’s Decor Galore

Why spend a fortune on decorations when Mother Nature’s your BFF?  Pumpkins, leaves, pine cones—she’s got your back.  Embrace the seasonal goodness and turn your venue into an autumn wonderland.  It’s like the universe itself is throwing confetti to celebrate your love.  Your photographer will be clicking away, capturing the DIY magic.

  1. Picture-Perfect Venues

Autumn transforms your venue into a slice of paradise.  Rustic barns look like they stepped out of a fairy tale, and country houses are like something you’d see on a movie set.  Gardens?  Well, they basically put on their Sunday best with a coat of vibrant foliage.  Your photographer won’t be able to resist turning these settings into stunning storyboards.

  1. Foodie Heaven

Listen up, foodies, because autumn’s got your taste buds covered.  Spiced apple cider, pumpkin pie, comfort foods that hug your soul—it’s a culinary adventure waiting to happen.  Your wedding photographer might just have to resist the urge to snap a pic every time someone takes a bite.  Food coma, anyone?

Bride admiring her autumnal bouquet
Bold autumnal wedding bouquet full of reds, oranges and yellows mixed with green foliage
  1. Leaves of Love

Autumn is like the season’s way of telling you, “Change is good, pal!”  The leaves transition from green to shades that make your hair dye collection jealous before they gently float to the ground.  It’s the ultimate metaphor for love’s journey—ever-changing, always beautiful.  And yes, your wedding photographer will definitely capture you twirling in the midst of this poetic chaos.

  1. Vendor Goldmine

Guess what, savvy couples?  Autumn is like the hidden treasure of wedding seasons.  Fewer couples mean you can book the best vendors without resorting to Jedi mind tricks.  That dream photographer?  Yours.  That florist with the magic touch?  Locked and loaded.  It’s like wedding planning on easy mode, and your photographer can’t wait to be part of your superstar team.

One Final Note

With a year to go until next autumn there is still plenty of time to book for next year so what are you waiting for?  Head over to my weddings page to check out my packages and prices or hit contact me to check if your date is available.

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Rock Your Formal Group Photographs

Rock Your Formal Group Photographs

Rock Your Formal Group Photographs

My guide to making your formal group photography as fuss free as possible

Formal group photographs are almost like a rite of passage and many happy couples choose to include them within their professional photography But how do you enjoy them whilst avoiding the pitfalls?  This blog post aims to share the pitfalls and what you can do make your group shots run as smoothly as possible.


Most couples are shocked when they are advised that it takes a minimum of 5-10 minutes to set up and take each group shot but when you account for missing guests, missing bouquets, flower girls with mum’s lipstick all across their faces before you even start getting everyone into position it becomes much easier to understand.  So check out the following advice to make your group shots easier.

Rocking those Group shots

1. Have a photography plan

Having a plan for your formal group shots is really important, they ensure you’ve allowed enough time for all the photos you’d like, considered who is important to be included and worked out a logical order to take the photos in.  Your photographer will help you work out the best order and plan how they will use the time available for your photographs.

A sensible estimate is 5 minutes per small group i.e. up to 6 people, 5-10 minutes for larger extended family or friendship groups and 10-15 minutes for a full group shot.  Fewer group shots means the whole shebang takes less time.

Plans are also really important because they ensure that no one important is missed, they take into consideration how much time little ones can spend concentrating before they get bored or how to work around nap time, how quickly children can get messy, mobility needs of relatives and friends and the ease of getting them into and out of position and family dynamics.

It might be a good idea, particularly at a large wedding to give guests who will be needed for group shots a heads up before the big day and give them a time and a place to meet so they are ready and this part of the day can get underway quickly and with minimum fuss.  Or organise for the ushers to find everyone when the time arises.

 Formal Group Photos To Consider

1) Whole group

2) Couple’s extended family

3) Couple’s immediate family

4) Couples parents

5) One half of couples parents

6) Other half of couples parents

7) Couple’s friends

8) One half of wedding party (bridesmaids etc)

9) Other half of wedding party (groomsmen etc)

10) Whole wedding party

It’s worth thinking about which groups are most important and which can be done at alternative parts of the day if there are any delays.  If you have any small group photos you’d like but don’t want included as part of the formal photography be sure to let your photographer know so they can try to ensure you get these photos too.

2. K.I.S.S.

No! Not kiss in every photo but that old saying “keep it simple silly.”  The lower the number of group photographs the fewer guests are required and the quicker the session is completed meaning you can get back to enjoying your reception and your guests sooner.

Fewer guests means its easier to communicate instructions and there’s generally a quicker response as everyone hears and understands what’s needed to get the job done.  You’re also more likely to get everyone looking in the same direction at the same time which means fewer repeats are needed to get a great image.

No wandering off

The other thing about getting the job done quickly is that guests are less likely to get thirsty or need the loo.  This means there is less chance of them wandering off when you need them and leaving everyone standing around waiting for them to come back when you’d all rather be having a good time.  Your photographer will try to use the time as best as possible and do other shots during this wait but sometimes this time just gets lost.

Don’t forget…

Check with your parents for any group photographs they would like included to avoid unplanned photographs or disagreements on the day.


3. Get rid of Drinks and Handbags

I’m going to be honest here – this one doesn’t need much explanation.

If you’ve specifically requested formal group shots, I’m guessing, you’re looking for images that will have a high chance of being printed and hung on the wall (if not by you then perhaps by other family members).

The inclusion of drinks and handbags are the difference between formal group shots and candid images and there is usually plenty of time for candid images during other parts of the day.

Ask your venue for a couple of tables or trays to be placed near where your group shots will be so that your guests can put their drinks and other bits down easily without risk of them spilling or getting wet if it’s been raining.


Ask guests not involved in the group shots to continue enjoying themselves in the bar

4. Keep the number of spectators as low as possible

I know, I know, everyone loves a group shot and this is the time when everyone loves to take images but hear me out there are good reasons for asking any guests not involved in your group shots to continue enjoying themselves elsewhere.

a) Distraction – watching and listening to what guests behind the photographer are doing is a massive distraction which causes you and your guests to look away from the camera.  This equals more time spent waiting for everyone to look the right way and repeat images being needed, meaning it takes longer to get through the images and less time to enjoy the party.

b) Noise – many guests chatting behind your photographer makes lots of noise meaning it becomes much harder for everyone in the shot to hear your photographers instructions and leads to more time being needed to get everyone in place and doing the right thing.

c) Guests can get in your professional photographers way.  Yep you heard it right.  Everyone wants a good view so they creep forward round the edges, horseshoe style and get into the edges of shots.  Guests may also stand directly behind your photographer and block the space your photographer needs to properly compose the shot.  It’s possible your photographer may need to spend almost as much time managing the guests behind them as they do taking photographs.

d) Not everyone likes an audience, especially if they don’t like having their photo taken at the best of times so fewer spectators can equal greater comfort for those involved.

e) How many copies of the same picture do you need?  You’ve employed a professional photographer to take these photos for you so its far better to let your guests know you’ll share the group shots and encourage them to enjoy themselves at the reception.

5. Let your photographer guide you

Choosing the location for your group shots can be tough and it’s possible that your dream location may not provide you with the best images.  It might be that the sunlight is just to bright and your guests will all be squinting into the sun or that the space is backlit and you desperately want to capture the scenery behind you as well as having beautiful expressions on your families faces.  A sudden downpour might mean that photographs outside are no longer an option.

Please listen to your photographer, our concern is primarily producing the very best images we can in the current lighting and weather conditions.  This may mean that an alternative location or time needs to be considered.

6. make time for some fun Photographs

When you think of formal group shots it usually conjures up images of static held poses and whilst there’s a place for these in each wedding portfolio I believe there’s space for some fun images too.

I’m a big fan of movement in my images and always try to include something that gets everybody moving or reacting in some way.  It’s a great way of making you all look relaxed and takes away some of the stiffness found in traditional held poses.

I also find that unlike traditional group shots where everyone is looking at the camera images of groups where you are looking at each other or not directly at the camera give a better sense of connection and togetherness.

These fun shots work particularly well with the wedding party images and is why I’d recommend leaving them to the end of your group shot list.


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6 Tips for your Family Photo Session

6 Tips for your Family Photo Session

6 Tips for your Family Photo Session

Book Your Photoshoot

Top Tips for your Lake District Family Photo Session

One of the questions I hear most frequently is, What can I do to make my Lake District family photo session more enjoyable?  Read on for some helpful tips. 

Now kids and partners are not usually bothered about a photo shoot, even one based outdoors in the beautiful Lake District and well, frankly, can be a little bit grumpy about doing something they would rather not do, so I thought i’d put together some hints and tips that will help ease the situation.

Tips for your Family Photo Shoot

1. Comfort Breaks

Before we start (especially at an outdoor location) make sure everyone has been to the loo.  I do try to make sure I know were the local facilities are however, this is the Lake District and they are often quite far away. 

I know going to the loo is really obvious however this can cause discomfort and embarrassment if you don’t.  There’s nothing worse than being miles from anywhere and needing the loo, if you catch my drift?  Wild wees are not for the fainthearted! 

2. Snack Time

 Again this might seem to be a no-brainer.  Kids, our partners and ourselves have all been known to get a little hangry when we need food so snacks (preferably ones which don’t stick in your teeth) are a must.  Ideally, make sure that there is minimal rubbish and that any waste can be carried to the nearest bin.  Our aim is to keep the countryside beautiful for everyone.

On a side note, chocolate covered faces can make for cute photos but baby wipes might be needed for the clean up!

3. Thirst Quenchers 

The same goes for drinks.  No-one functions at their best when they are dehydrated so drinks are a must.  Just be careful to balance this with the toilet situation!

Drinks, like food, can provide a useful distraction – see point 4 – when things aren’t quite going to plan.  They also act as a calming moment and can help to change the tempo of the photo shoot e.g. moving from fast paced action to more contemplative time. 

lake district family photo session, cumbria family photo session

4. Distractions

Young children can become upset or frustrated for a number of reasons and nothing is more stressful than your dearest being red-faced and tearful when you’re trying to get the perfect family photo.  I mean, you’re determined that everyone is happy and smiley, right?  Relax about this, things don’t always go to plan.  It’s a good idea to bring something small like a teddy or toy car which will distract them before behaviour takes a turn for the worst.  Likewise don’t ban your teenagers mobile phone.

5. Sporting Events

And finally, for the sports fans in our lives… If your other half or children love sport try not to book your Cumbria family photo session during important games/matches.  We’ve all been to those special occasions where the fans stand outside with the only signal they can get following the ins and outs of the FA Cup final on their phones!  True story!

6. Family Photography in the Lake District & Cumbria

It’s worth noting that for any outdoor family photo-shoot in the Lake District and Cumbria, waterproofs and appropriate footwear are essential.  You never know what the day could throw at you from becoming suddenly overcast with cold winds to boggy paths, jumping over stiles and kids that just want to splash in the water.  We recommend you bring these to your photo session regardless of the location or time of year.

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Buttermere Engagement

Buttermere Engagement

Claire and Ollie chose a beautiful Buttermere engagement photoshoot as the perfect place for...




Sustainability in Radiance Photography

Sustainability as a business and a way of life has been coming to the forefront of the wedding industry for a while and has been important to us as a family for even longer.


Sustainability is an issue that is hot right now, particularly within the wedding industry, and I intend to share all the things we do here at Radiance Photography to increase sustainability.

Ways in which we are sustainable

1. Choose wisely, Recycle Everything

The biggest difference we can make to help our planet is reducing our use of our precious resources and generally making the world a better place is in our personal lives.

This means in practice we avoid excess packaging and choose natural, bio-degradable materials where possible for instance I recently swapped cotton wool pads for reusable bamboo ones. 

We recycle everything we can from paper and plastic to glass and electricals. 

One of the most precious resources we have is food.  This is something we try really hard not to waste as there are so many people both in the UK and across the world who are hungry.  We’re currently investigating composting to make the best use of our food waste.

We also work to reduce our energy consumption at home and car share to get to work.

2. Radiance Photography

Within Radiance Photography, we use as little paper as possible and are currently looking into ways to go paperless through the use of online contract signing and all email communication.

We deliver galleries using an online system instead of using prints and USBs.  Doing this we avoid unnecessary paper and printing and also the use of plastics and resources in the USBs. 

We’re aware the use of the internet and the vast storage networks needed have an impact on the environment and use companies with great sustainability policies where possible.

We use public transport when we can although this is sometimes tricky in the Lake District.  If we can, car sharing is always a preferred option.

3. Supporting our local economy

Wedding photography within the UK has changed over recent years with local areas being widened.  In particular by photographers who want photos with epic backdrops in their portfolios and who are prepared to travel the length of the country or fly abroad to get them.  

Travelling the length and bredth of the UK and the world causes significant land and air miles to be accumulated when a local photographer could have done a similar job.  Remember there are lots of photographers in each area who are producing work in a variety of styles so you’re sure to find something you like.

You could argue that you will get a better service from a local photographer as they have connections with other local suppliers and invaluable local knowledge for that perfect picture. 

I’ve been booked to second shoot for a photographer from across the country purely on the basis that I have knowledge of the local area.  When travelling from outside the area photographers don’t always have the time to come and checkout your venue beforehand as they are just too busy or it’s too far.


We PRIORITIZE our photography work within our local area of Cumbria and the Lake District which keeps our mileage to a minimum.

4. Giving back

We truly believe that the Lake District is one of the most precious areas in Britian and we are grateful that we live next door to such a beautiful place.

Rather than choose a carbon offsetting scheme which, while benefitting our planet, doesn’t impact directly on our local area, our intention in 2020 is to get outdoors and volunteer for the Lake District National Park Authority.

The National Park Authority do lots of wonderful work repairing trails, maintaining the landscape, helping nature and other projects which help conserve and keep the beautiful area we live in that way for others to enjoy.

If this is something you’d be interested in too you can find more information here.

5. Suppliers we work with

The suppliers we use for our equipment, products and printing all have their own sustainability policies and work in ways to use our planets resources in an ethical way.  Many have carbon offsetting schemes.


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My Top Lake District Wedding Photos

My Top Lake District Wedding Photos

My Top Lake District Wedding Photos


Epic Lake District Wedding Photos

To be able to view these epic Lake District wedding photos at their best be sure to turn your mobile phone on it’s side!

Congratulations! You’re engaged.  All your dreams are coming true and you’re planning the wedding of the century.  You’ve picked the date and the next part of the puzzle is choosing where to get married.  You’ve chatted with your intended, looked around your local venues and drawn a big, fat blank.  And, lets be honest, its the landscape that is not really grabbing you.  You know you’re not really the outdoorsy type, much happier snuggled up warm and close to all your creature comforts but your holiday in the Lake District is something you look back to fondly.  And you wonder…

What could a wedding in the Lake District look like?

So, to help you, i’ve compiled my favourite Lake District and Cumbira wedding photographs for you  to enjoy.  All you need to do is sit back, flip your phone to landscape, grab a cup of tea or something more decadent and imagine yourself in each and everyone of our images.

The only question that remains is which photo makes you swoon and dream of having hung on your wall?

Beautiful autumnal light, taken near Kendal.

Late summer on the shores of Rydal Water looking towards Grasmere.

Bouquet toss on Derwent Water looking back towards Keswick piers.

Not quite the Lake District but most definately Cumbria, Photograph taken on Grange coastline at sunset, overlooking the estury.  Taken in November.

From the pier on Derwent Water, Keswick.  Venues near here include the Lodore Falls, Skiddaw Hotel, Derwent Water Hotel, Bristow Hill, The Lingholm Estate, Latheshead Country House Hotel, Scafell Hotel, Glaramara House and the Langstrath Country Inn.

Nestled somewhere between Wrynose and Ling fells on a hot summers day.  The closest registered wedding venues are the New Dungeon Ghyll and the Langdale Hotel.

Alternative Blea Tarn elopement.  This location is a true favourite amougst Lake District photographers with the tarn, lush greenery and the majestic Langdales in the Distance.  You’d never know this was a mid-summer wedding looking at the moody clouds in the sky!

The small tarn on the land of the Wild Boar near Windermere. Taken in Winter.

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Your Wedding Timeline

Your Wedding Timeline

Your Wedding Timeline

contact us

Planning your wedding timeline

One of the questions I hear most frequently is, How do I know how long to book my wedding photographer for?


Planning your wedding timeline is a great tool for helping you work out how long to book your photographer for.  Read on for tips on how to make your wedding timeline and how your wedding photography fits into your timeline.


Tips for Planning Your Timeline

1. Why do I need a timeline?

It’s worth constructing your wedding timeline as early as possible and adding to it as more details are settled.

You and your suppliers will find it useful and it will help suppliers plan their services so they can deliver them at the right time.

It’s easy to start off thinking that you only need three hours of photography but when you factor in travel between your venues, additional aspects of the day you would like photographed and even time for delays, time adds up quite quickly.

The easiest way to plan your timeline is to start from the ceremony, which is usually the first thing you have booked, then work out in either direction.

2. Before your ceremony

Working backwards from the ceremony you need to consider the time you’ll be meeting with the registrar before the ceremony (usually 10 minutes for each of you if done individually).

Add in travel time between venues, if needed, and space for photos once you finish getting ready. You now know when you must be ready by and is the point your hair and makeup team will be aiming for.

Your hair and makeup team will let you know when they will be arriving and will be able to give you an indication of when they will be doing your makeup, hair will hopefully be after this. Ideally, your photographer will aim to start taking pictures of you when your makeup is in the final stages. 

You might not feel like it but make sure you leave time to have a good breakfast because you don’t want to be a hangry bride! Especially when you’ve had a couple of glasses of prosecco.

3. Your ceremony and after

Civil ceremonies last approximately half an hour, church services may be up to an hour.  Timings after your ceremony can depend upon a number of things.  You may also need to consider time to travel to your reception venue and it may be that your venue has requested a specific time for your wedding breakfast.  Both of these will limit how much time you have for your drinks reception.

Ideally, you need a minimum of an hour and a half for your drinks reception.  This allows you half an hour after your ceremony to meet and great your friends and loved ones and begin your celebrations.  Half an hour would be set aside for your group shots and half an hour for your portraits.

 It’s a good idea for any formal group shots you would like to be taken at this point before your guests get too drunk, their outfits get too crumpled and they are still looking their best. This means that your guests can then relax now their part of the day is complete.

It is normally during your drinks reception that you would have your wedding portraits taken, however time here may be short if there have been any delays. E.g. a late start to your ceremony. This adds a lot of pressure to get your photographs taken particularly if you have booked a short package.

Don’t worry if not all of your portraits are taken during this period as there will be plenty of opportunities later on in the day if you have booked a longer or full day package.

The benefits of booking more time with your photographer are that your portraits can be taken later in the day, you can have more varied portrait locations and hopefully beautiful golden light in the evening.

 I have been known to grab the bride and groom between courses to get outside for those amazing sunset images. And the break between your wedding breakfast and the arrival of any evening guests is a great time for relaxed group shots and more portraits of yourselves.

4. Lake District Scenery

If you are coming to the Lake District because you love the epic scenery you might like to plan more time for your photographs. This means you can travel further to get those wide landscape images.

When considering travelling time remember you need to double it to account for the journey back to the reception!  E.g. if you have half an hour for your portraits your schedule might look like this:

Travel to lake: 10 minutes
Portraits: 10 minutes
Travel back to venue: 10 minutes

As you can see, it doesn’t leave much time for your portraits to be taken!

The biggest downside to this plan is that you spend a large amount of time away from your guests.  This can be especially difficult if your guests have travelled a long way to be with you on your day.

Top Tip

If you’d love to spend all day with your guests and still want those epic backdrops book your photographer for the following day.  Get into your glad rags once again and heading up into the hills.  This gives you much more time to visit several locations without the time pressures and removes the guilt of feeling you need to return to your guests and join the party.

5. Intimate weddings

For an intimate wedding or to keep costs down you might be considering a three hour package and this can be a great solution. 

If you choose to have all of your photos taken at the venue, and you are not planning a full day of celebrations a three hour package should be able to capture arrivals for the ceremony, the ceremony itself, a small number of formal group shots and the your portraits.

However, if you’re travelling between your venues a big chunk of your photography time will be lost as photographers charge their time from the point at which they start.  Therefore, if you select the three hour package and one hour of this is travel time you would lose a third of time your photographer can take pictures. 

In these instances please ask your photographer for a custom quote to ensure all your wedding day plans are captured.

6. Other things to consider

During Summer when there is a lot of light so taking photographs in the evening is not a problem.  However, during winter evenings can be very dark.  This means that any outdoor Lake District photos you’d like are restricted to daylight hours.  Depending on your timeline there may not be room for all of the photos you’d like.  Options here are booking your photographer the next day as previously mentioned or consider a First Look session earlier in the day for your portraits.

The number of photographers you choose can also impact on the time needed, especially when getting ready.  Time needs to be allowed for your photographer to move between both partners if they are working alone.  Your photographer will be able to advise you of any extra time needed.

One Final Note

For all weddings seem like long days, time passes very quickly and it’s easy for a series of small delays to add up to a big one.  The first area that tends gets squeezed is your photography time. That said, your professional photographer should have alternative ideas for points at which to capture your images later on in the day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post and it has helped you in planning out your wedding timeline.

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