You work hard to ensure your wedding day is unique and perfect.  Filled with details you love.  We believe these are what make your wedding personal to you and aim to photograph them so that you can look back on them in years to come and be reminded of those forgotten details.

Your personality has a huge impact on the look and feel of your wedding.  Are you writing your own unique wedding vows? Do you have a theme you are developing your ideas on?  Are you finding it difficult to decide?  Either way, it can feel overwhelming when you have so much choice.


Details we would love to see on your wedding day that may be forgotten about are your ‘Save the date’ cards and wedding invitations.  We know from experience that these take a lot of time to prepare and often form part of a cohesive stationery package.  By having these with you on the day means that we can include them in your photographs.


cumbria and lake district wedding photography photoYour colour scheme (which you could spend hours agonising over) and choice of flowers form a key part of your decoration on the day.  We will take great care with the bridal bouquet.  This is one part of your day that you may not be able to keep so photographs can help you remember these in the future.  There are a number of alternative bouquets now appearing and these make fabulous images.  If you are having a bouquet that is a little unusual be sure to let your photographer know.

cumbria and lake district wedding photography photoGrooms Attire

Your chosen colour also forms part of the groom’s attire.  As well as the more usual cravats and waistcoats, some grooms have suits made which incorporate your colours or have colour co-ordinated socks!  Special wedding cuff-links may have been purchased especially for the occasion.  Please tell your photographer about any details you have included.  Whilst we spot details where we can some might not be noticed unless you let us know.


Bridal jewellery is a must when it comes to photographs.  Often these items are packed away after the wedding for safe keeping.  Leave the boxes out the night before so that your photographer can access them without disturbing your bridal preparations.  Don’t forget to request these images from your photographer to ensure they are included.

Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress will have details that your photographer will record for you.  One word of caution here.  If the dress has lots of detail on the back make sure you specifically ask your photographer to capture the back of the dress as well as the front.  Some photographers are quite literal and will only photograph what you ask for.  It sounds daft but you’ll thank me for it later, there is nothing more disappointing than eagerly looking through your folio box of images or album only to find there are no details of the back of your dress.

Have you any details in your unique wedding you would love your photographer to capture?  Please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.