Urban Wedding Photography

Urban Wedding Photography

Urban Wedding Photography


Urban Wedding Inspiration

 Urban wedding photography is not something a photographer who spends much of their time in the Lake District does very often. So, when the opportunity to join in an edgy styled shoot in and around Camden, London came up I jumped at the chance!

So what is a styled shoot? I hear you ask.

Suppliers from across the wedding industry come together to create magical inspiration for you and have it photographed.  They are also events where us photographers can meet and forge relationships with suppliers and other photographers.  Styled shoots also provide me with a great place and to learn and grow creatively too.  Something which is always a positive for you.

My first venture into urban wedding photography started on a Saturday morning, catching the early train from Penrith, on the edge of the northern Lake District, to London.  To a lake district wedding photographer who’s used to the bleating of lambs and views of the fells busy London feels different and exciting.

After a few minor delays (we all know what train travel is like) I arrived in the hustle and bustle of Camden on a Saturday to meet models Kennedy and Dathan, greet old friends and make new ones.

After the introductions were over we headed out for detail shots.  I love this time where I get to play with all the details such as the dress, gorgeous jewellery and hand-painted shoes.


Urban Wedding Details

A short walk around the area provided so many interesting backdrops, clean lines and bright colours perfectly suiting the grungy feel of the shoot.

The hand-finished dip dye effect on the two piece wedding gown created by Bex Brides is a great way to combine traditional while being true to your personality.  The grooms attire was provided by Dandy Threads and proves that colour and patterns can be very effective.

Heading back to the flat just in time to capture the final make-up touches by Natalie Danielle.

Gorgeous Supplier Info





Wedding Dress





Grooms Suit

Organised by

Radiance Photography

Kennedy Elise

All Bunched Up

Bertie and Fred

Bex Brides

Sam Ryde

Natalie Danielle

Inanna Bespoke Shoes

Sammy Lea’s Retro Emporium

Dandy Threads

The Alternatives Styled Shoots

Photography | Radiance Photography

Models | Kennedy Elise

Flowers | All Bunched Up

Ribbons | Bertie and Fred

Wedding Dress | Bex Brides

Jewellery | Sam Ryde

HMUA | Natalie Danielle

Shoes | Inanna Bespoke Shoes

Jacket | Sammy Lea’s Retro Emporium

Grooms Suit | Dandy Threads

Organised by | The Alternatives Styled Shoots

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Keswick wedding photography

Keswick wedding photography

Keswick wedding photography

The relaxed summer wedding of Mary and Michael.

Wedding Photography at the Skiddaw Hotel, Keswick

Now you’ve already met Mary and Michael from their earlier engagement shoot post (which you can check out here) so it’s time to share a little of their relaxed wedding photography from the Skiddaw Hotel, Keswick, Cumbria.


As a couple who love the outdoors and especially visiting the Lake District, Keswick was the obvious choice for their destination wedding.  Their dream was to take their guests on a cruise of the beautiful Derwent Water right in the heart of the beautiful English Lake District.

Wedding Details

The sun was shining. Saxophonist, Paul Palmer, played and the Princess Margaret Rose from the Keswick Launch Company carried everyone across the lake.  Paul Palmer was a surprise for Mary, organised and kept secret by Michael.  He played during their ceremony and their Lake Cruise.

Mary chose a colour scheme of navy and pink and silk flowers were chosen for the bouquet and table top arrangement.  Silk flowers were used as they were travelling to the Lake District for their wedding and wanted everything arranged and on hand when they arrived.

Their hand-made seating plan was mounted on an ordinance survey map and tables were named after Lakeland Fells adding to their Lake District theme.

Grooms Prep

Grooms Prep

One often overlooked area of a wedding is that of the groom and his preparations on the day.  A few years ago very little thought was put into the grooms attire, as long as the colours co-ordinated with the bridal party everything was fine and images largely focused on the bride.  Fast forward a couple of years and grooms are putting much more importance on the wedding being their day too and using this to express their individuality and personality.  More time is now being taken documenting the grooms preparation from getting dressed, checking that his tie is straight, waistcoat fastened, and watch is on to those precious / hilarious moments when he is helped with his button hole.  Here are a just a selection of images grooms portraiture.  Enjoy.


Photography: Radiance Photography
Venue: Merewood Hotel
Wedding Hangers: Akito Avalanche
Clothes: Models own

What to expect when choosing Radiance Photography for your wedding

What to expect when choosing Radiance Photography for your wedding

Let us explain what to expect when choosing Radiance Photography for your wedding.

It’s hard to know what to expect from your photographer if you have not had your portrait taken in a while.  We hope to give you an idea of what you can expect from us in the lead up to your wedding, on the wedding day itself and beyond.

Initial Enquiry

Our work starts when we receive your initial enquiry.  On our contact page we ask you to tell us when your wedding is.  Our first priority is being able to let you know if we are available for your special day.  Answering any questions you might have is important to us.

We will send you a short questionnaire to gather details of your wedding plans and requirements.  We will then call you to arrange a convenient time where we can discuss your requirements in more detail.  Discussing your requirements with you prior to booking is very important to ensure our photography is right for you.

Before Your Wedding

Once you have decided you would like us to photograph your special day we will require a completed contract together with for a non-refundable deposit of £300.00.  This guarantees your booking.

We require you pay the balance of your chosen wedding collection two months prior to your wedding day.  At this point we will contact you to discuss your final image requirements.  If you have planned an Engagement Session, now is a good time to arrange it.

On Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, we will arrive promptly and work throughout the day to ensure we capture all the details, moments and memories.

Whilst many photographers use a journalistic style, with no posing, we believe a little direction goes a long way in helping you look your best in your images.  Amazing images can be achieved with a few gentle prompts.  We won’t ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with and we certainly won’t say ‘cheese’!

Your images are captured using dual memory cards, minimising the risk of loss in the unlikely event of card failure.  Before leaving the venue all photographs are backed-up and checked.  Your images will be securely stored in two locations.

After Your Wedding

Following your wedding, your images are prepared for viewing and made available to you via a protected online gallery.  This will usually take six weeks.

We aim to make the whole process simple and stress free leaving you to enjoy this special time.  If you any further questions or would like to see if we are available for your wedding please complete our contact form.

Just a pair of shoes??

Just a pair of shoes??

As a Groom, many of your decisions tend to be focused on making your bride feel as relaxed and reassured as possible. However, this month’s blog-post is looking at an important, but oft overlooked item in the Groom’s itinerary, shoes. Although your feet will be the last thing you’ll be thinking of on the big day, its something you want to select, and then forget about. So, here are 5 things to consider:

Comfort: Obvious, but hugely important. The last thing you need is for a load of blisters when the day is only halfway done. Imagine trying to dance til the wee hours when your feet feel like someone’s jabbing then with a rusty nail!!

Wear them in: Closely linked to point 1. You have to be confident that you’ve picked a pair of shoes that are comfortable to be worn for long hours. You’ll be in them for around 13-15 hours (that’s if you’ve picked a late morning/mid-day ceremony). Break them in round the house, wear them when you’re sat in front of the tele, just get them on and wear them. Believe me, this will pay dividends come your special day.

Colour: What do you go for? An ultra-fashionable bright, bold colour that screams 2017, or a classic, timeless black pair that will not only look unassuming and un-noticed on the day, but can be worn for years to come? Only you can decide that, but bear in mind that the photos of the wedding will last a lifetime, shoes may only be worn on the day…

Style: With men paying more attention to their style, designers have responded, so now you see a multitude of styles when you walk through your local department store. And the same decisions need to be made, do you go for a classic pair of leather brogues, or a more elaborately designed fashion statement containing 8 different colours and 14 differing materials?

Suit: Goes without saying, but what colour suit have you chosen? If you’ve gone for a modern slim-cut blue suit, then a pair of brown leather winkle-pickers will look great. But if you’ve gone for the traditional morning suit, then the brown just won’t do.

Like every decision that needs to made for a wedding, careful consideration and personal choices will be the deciding factor, but hopefully this post will give you a few things to think about.

Good luck!