Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

One of the questions I hear most frequently is, How do I choose my wedding photographer?


We all know there is a lot of choice out there when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer so I put together the following blog to help you find your way.


Tips for Choosing your Wedding Photographer

If you’ve not got time to watch our video on our facebook page, these are our 5 top tips. Click on each one for more advice.

1. Set your wedding budget

As you start looking for your wedding photographer you’ll notice that price can vary considerably from £200 to £2000 for a full-day wedding.  As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. So, the question you need to ask yourself is “How important is having photos of my wedding to me?” 

If the answer is “not very” feel free to make your decision based on price alone. However, if your wedding photography is important to you, look for photographers who offer payment plans.  If you’ve fallen in love with a particular photographer’s work see if you can book them for a shorter period of time if their full-day price is too high.  Another option is to add the beautiful folio box or album you want to your gift list so that your guests can help you. 

Finally, wedding photographers who are establishing themselves, such as myself, can be budget friendly and provide great quality images with a high level of service.  The key thing here is to do your research.

2. Decide on the photography products you want

You have a wide range of options available to you including digital images, digital images and prints, large wall art, albums and folio boxes to name a few.  It’s a good idea to let your photographer know what you would like before your wedding as this can impact on the images taken.  If you’d like large wall image it may also be a good idea to look for someone who has experience in preparing images for this kind of artwork.

3. Choose the photography style you love

Now, style is a big topic, one which I could dedicate a whole video to, so I’m just going to give a quick overview.  To me, a photographer’s style is what you see in the final image.  This is made up of several artistic choices like lighting, posing (if any), composition and the final edit.  The combination of how each of these things are done is unique to each individual photographer like a fingerprint is unique to you.  By composition I mean where the happy couple are placed within in the image and whether the image is tight to the couple or shows the action within the whole room.  The final edit is based on colour and tones, some photographers don’t like green so they choose to tone it down, others like their image to be dark, and moody with muted colours, others love light, airy, pastel shades.


My advice is to look though lots of wedding images, create a pinterest board of your favourites.  What are your preferences?  Dark, light or natural colours?  Close up or whole room included in the image?  These are your preferences, there is no right or wrong, and they should form the basis of your search for your photographer.


Please do not ask a photographer to change their editing style.  That’s like asking Picasso to paint with acrylics.  Find a photographer who’s style you love.

4. Look at real wedding examples

Once you’ve narrowed your wedding photographers down it’s time to talk about their portfolio or body of work.

Ask to see at least three real weddings.  You need to look for consistency in their images and if the couples look relaxed and comfortable.  Ask to see any weddings they have shot at your venue and any taken around the same time of year as your wedding.  Most importantly, do you still love their style of photography?

5. Meet your potential photographer

So, you’ve narrowed down your choice of wedding photographer, confirmed they are available on for your date.  The next step is to meet them.  This is very important.  You want beautiful images, however if your photographer doesn’t make you feel comfortable this will show through in your wedding photos.  It’s worth noting that your photographer may also see you partially dressed during your preparations.  Make sure you are ok with this as you don’t want to miss out on the photo’s of all the fun and emotions you’re having getting ready.

 My recommendation is to always meet your photographer in person where possible.  If the distance is too far, Skype is a good alternative.  I’d also recommend having an engagement shoot so you can get to know how your photographer works and begin to feel more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.  It will make a big difference!

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